Artificial Aesthetics


  1. Cannot revolve around personal preference for a single icon, pattern or color, e.g. the American flag, a broken heart
  2. Cannot be tied directly to a specific subculture or decade
  3. Brand names/logos may fit various motifs but are not permitted to be used as such, e.g. LUCKY™

Only items given away as promotion

Only items that are reversible in some manner

Only items that are of abnormal length but pair together to cover the body
Only items made of materials printed like a different material

Only items that are made of recognizable parts of other clothing items

Only items that are exactly concealed by another overlapping item


Only items with graphically represented numbers as the focus

Only items with slogans stylized as preexisting brand logos or taglines
Only items that state rules of conduct

Only items that date themselves to the year or decade of their origin via reference to (a) contemporary event/s

Only items that mention copyrighted intellectual properties by name
Only items with graphically represented adjectives as the focus

Only items from wholesale companies that have found DIY additions

Only items bearing first/given names by themselves

Only items that reference their country of manufacture

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